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I'll be at the tabulators' table, Table 11. The main iPad will be at table 12, with the announcer.  Once announcer uses mic; the other just presses play.  All music is given to me prior to event and is played from an iTunes playlist in that main ipad. The Mixer can be at table 12 with the rest of sound (and I will have to show them how to use it) or it can be with me at table 11 - whichever makes set up easier.  Not sure where iPod #2 would be in this scenario...if it just gets connected to the mixer now?

Thank you.  That's extremely helpful.

First, you'll need T4S ToneMatch mixer plus the optional ToneMatch mixer power supply

Two F1 Model 812 systems with speaker stands.

Bose doesn't sell the speaker stands. Check out these lift-assist stands.

To connect the T4S to the F1 Model 812 systems and L1 Compacts, you can use cables like this.  

  1/4 inch (6.3 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve to 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve

You need four cables. They come in various lengths.  To be safe, you could get four - 100-foot cables.  Here are the cable runs (notice the numbers, 1-4)

You might be fine with

  1. 100-foot cable
  2. 50-foot cable
  3. 75-foot cable
  4. 50-foot cable

Connect to the T4S

I'll talk about the T4S inputs in the next post.



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