Reply to "Bose customer service is excellent!"

Interesting that even now, no one from maygap has responded to me with any form of contact.

times like this I wish I wasn’t in Spain, such a lack lustre attitude to customers.

im not asking for a freeby, I’m asking how much I’ve got to spend to keep my much loved kit in top order.

jees I wish I spoke sufficient Spanish, or maybe that’s it, because I’m asking in English they can’t be arsed.

I am very disappointed Bose. Signing up any old bod because they can fix an amp isn’t necessarily the best choice. None of the Bose appointed fixers have powerstand legs in stock for sure....

God help me when I do actually have a failure, it’ll be quicker and easier for me to drive 2,000 miles to a UK Bose accredited fixer. Good job I have two complete L1 systems.

So - anyone here have a good reliable BOSE fixer anywhere near the Costa Del Sol?

I want to buy a new set of Powerstand legs assembly to replace legs worn loose.



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