Reply to "Bose customer service is excellent!"

Wow, how I wish....

I have two L1 systems, both out of warranty and my main set (used mostly) has a lot of wobble in the swing out legs now. The amp is fine - just don’t like the excessive wobble in the legs.

Through this forum I asked about replacing the legs, and was given the contact details of the outfit looking after Spain.

Contacting them for assistance I thought I was going to get help direct from Bose but I was given a contact page at where I could find a service agent in Spain, from which I found a bunch of domestic electrical shops listed in the Andalusia region (and others).

I have also spotted a couple of sound companies in trading estates but none of them so far give me any confidence as not one of them has a web site or even an email address listed. To add insult to injury a couple of them have Facebook pages and me of those has a very negative review on it.

I fear I am going to give my high prized and loved BOSE Powerstand to a bunch of kettle fixers, and wait lord knows how long for it to come back.

So worried, I sent a message in to Bose ( asking if the listed stores were actually trained on Bose PA or were the listings purely electrical shops who might be able to fix an amp? No reply to that one yet.

I also asked if Bose are warranteeing the work carried out by these third party outfits - no reply yet on that one.

I am pretty much certain I’ll never get a call offering me a trade in which I’d take in a heartbeat.

Loving my kit as I do, I’m not loving the idea of visiting non-BOSE people to fix BOSE kit.

To date I have persuaded two other local artists to buy into L1 B2 systems and I’m dreading either of them asking me where we have to go to get any proper BOSE fixes.. I guess I need to stop selling BOSE the way I do.

I’ll update this .... when I’ve chosen and gone to one of the third party units on a trading estate.