Reply to "Any ideas for neat cabling?"

MakinMusic posted:

Great velcro idea Segullman: I like the idea of protecting the T1 with velcro on the cables in case the T1 gets dislodged from the mic stand bracket. I'm going to use that idea.

Thanks, MakinMusic

The thanks should really be directed in ST's direction. The original idea of using velcro (especially as a way of giving the T1 more "hold" on the mic-stand) I adopted from ST about 6 years ago when I got my first L1 (a Compact). He's given a link to that thread in the Wiki by clicking on the pictures he's posted.

As in ST's last picture (mic-stand in bag) I also have my personal mic-stand wired up and ready to go, with bracket-clamp always in place. Saves time at the gig. I actually have one or two more cables attached for eventualities that may arise (for use with a Compact or a Model II I have a Bose Tonematch cable and a 6m TRS/TRS cable, or maybe for a second guitarist). The cables not in use at the gig are coiled up neatly under the feet of the mic-stand. I only do the sound for myself and my trio nowadays so I don't have a massive arsenal of mic-stands etc for complete bands any more. (Just to explain the extra cables).

As ST mentioned, it's also a good idea to keep the instrument/mic cables as short as possible. 

I only mentioned the Black Velcro (which I tend to use) because Dave (ScubaBadger) wanted it to be as least intrusive visually as possible. I still had ST's original photos in my head with colored velcro and cables. The pictures now are excellent ST. They really speak to the aesthetic part of me .

ST posted:
  • I have loose plastic loops on the microphone stand to keep the cables close to the stand without having to strap the cables to the lower portion of the microphone stand. This gives me the flexibility to raise and lower the microphone stand without having to battle with any tight straps. 

My mic-stands all have 2 loose plastic loops that came with the stands, but I've never really thought about trying to acquire more. I'll have to think about that and see if they're available individually. The two that came with   the stand do get used, and are more flexible in use than velcro if you want a bit of freedom of movement. I'll look into the possibility of getting more loops. Thanks for putting me on to that idea ST.

For my own mic-stand I generally have one main setting as I tend to play on a barstool (not standing up) so once it's set up for me it's set.

Regarding ST's pics. If I were to photograph my mic-stand in a ready to go situation so that the wiring etc. was clearly visible, they would be very similar to ST's. Great photos that show exactly what's happening.

For anyone reading this thread and maybe also looking for other tips regarding almost anything L1 or F1 related, I can really recommend the Wiki which ST created years ago and which keeps growing with new information. Just click on "Encyclopedia/Wiki" and enjoy the ride.

Take care everyone, enjoy using your L1's and also the astounded faces when the people realize where the sound is actually coming from.