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ScubaBadger posted:

I'm using an L1 MKII with Tonematch - the Tonematch and an iPad for my music content fastened to my mic stand.

The consequent cables (including mic / audio feed from iPad to Tonematch / and Tonematch to powerbase feed can sometimes look at bit hairy. Does anyone have any good ideas as to how to minimise the visual impact of these in a simple manner?

I use black velcro for my cables. It also has the advantage that should anyone nudge my mic-stand and the T1 should become dislodged, the cables hold the T1 and stop it from falling. The way I do it is to route anything going to or coming from the T1 from below the T1 fastened with velcro. My Microphone cable is only 1.5 metres in length therefore has only a slight loop (coming from above the T1 to below to allow me to approach the T1 from below). All cables leaving the T1 for the Power stand or coming from my Kemper Profiler (which is a few feet behind me as a rule) I also fasten to the mic-stand using a few strips of black velcro.

All my cables are black as is my mic-stand. From a short distance, the mic-stand does look pretty tidy at a gig.

I have a pic of my mic stand set up in my living room. Unfortunately it doesn't go right down to the floor, and the cables going down aren't velcroed down to the floor as I've described, but this was a rehearsal in my living room and not a gig. The pic may however help to outline what I've tried to describe here, especially around the T1 where you can see the main velcro "anchor".

Microphone angled up

Should you so wish, you could even velcro the cable coming from the microphone to the stand. I actually prefer it as it is in the picture, but that's just me.

The cabling can be made to look pretty tidy using this method, but I've not found a way to make them completely invisible up to now.

Is there a "down the mic stand "flexi something" to feed the cables or specific cables that make routing easier / better?

I've never heard of anything like that, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything along those lines. Maybe you could find a piece of "flexi" for computer cables in black and use that? If you find a better method please let me know as I'm always open for ideas.

Has this helped in any way?




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