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Greg Lake

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Greg Lake Songs of a Lifetime Click the picture to view the video.Read More...
Greg influenced me as a young musician especially. I saw him with King Crimson in Hyde Park in London. That must have been in the summer of 1969 (He was only with the band for 2 years I think). I remember it was a sunny day. They were tremendous. I then saw him at the now legendary Isle of Wight Festival in the summer of 1970 (a year after Woodstock) with his new band playing their first big gig together. That was the birth of Emerson Lake and Palmer. I was blown away. The whole festival was...Read More...
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Foreigner performing a ~Woman in Black~ for the first time for a private acoustic set for 16 lucky VIP's prior to their full electric set at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, on 5/10/13.Read More...
Foreigner Uses Bose® L1® Systems For Intimate Meet-And-Greet Performances The Bose® L1® portable system is an integral part of the Foreigner VIP Experience Framingham, Massachusetts, August 11, 2014 – Legendary rock band Foreigner has been thrilling audiences with its well-crafted songs and pitch-perfect live shows since the band’s formation in 1976, and the group continues to roll from town to town with an impressive set of hits including “Double Vision,” “Urgent,” “Feels Like the First...Read More...

Daniel Ho

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GRAMMY® Award-winner, and curator of traditional Hawaiian music, relies on a combination of Bose portable products to bring perfect clarity and tone to his concerts in the U.S. and abroad Framingham, Massachusetts, December 12, 2013 – From his base in Los Angeles to venues as far apart as Nashville and Hong Kong, Daniel Ho has taken the traditional music of Hawaii far and wide. The Oahu native has recorded 18 solo albums and produced over 100 albums, in the process winning six GRAMMY® Awards...Read More...
Hey Daniel, I heard you demonstrate the Bose L1 several times in SoCal. Our local Ukulele Society of America group now have the Bose L1 Model II with Bass and ToneMatch system. I'm playing both my custom Koaloha D-VI and my custom KoAloha Tenor to help MC the group at our weekly kanikapila. Any suggestions on presets and settings in the ToneMatch to get the best sound from our ukuleles? E Malama Pono, Kapena Mika'ele (Captain Mike)Read More...

Kip Winger

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Interview with Kip Winger. Watch the whole video - really interesting, but if you can to jump to where he talks about the L1® (22 minutes in). Kip Winger, the multi-platinum, AMA-nominated artist, has earned six top 40 singles and may be best known for his success with Winger and his early days as a bass player with Alice Cooper. After his successful run with Winger, Kip built a studio in the hills of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and started writing and producing music. As a solo artist and...Read More...
Kip Winger Solo Gig @ Okemo Mountain Resort. 3/14/14

Jamie Kent

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Touring Musician and Entrepreneur Jamie Kent Relies on Bose® L1® Systems on the Road livedesignonline Mar 19, 2014 The L1® system helps Kent dial in his band’s sound for venues nationwide, and the support he receives from Bose® staff are the perfect fit for the independent troubadour Framingham, Massachusetts, March 18, 2014 – Jamie Kent is a cut above the average singer-songwriter. Not merely an acclaimed musical act and creative voice with soulful and rootsy influences, Kent is fiercely...Read More...
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