Instrument Amplifiers

Cyber Twin

Has there been any comparison done between POD XT and the Fender CyberTwin? The sound is pretty good and after all the discussions I see here on PODxt I was wondering if it might be time for a change. The Cyber Twin is pretty heavy to lug around every where. I also have an original POD 2.o (not xt) and the Cyber Twin is much better. I run the master volume at 2 on the Cyber twin and run a direct line into the Bose system. So I don't get any stge noise form the amp. Using it like a POD. Any ...Read More...
Hi flintroad - I travelled the same road as you. I had an original POD when they first came out and used it for a very short time and got rid of it because I wasn't satisfied with the sound. I checked in on the modelers from time to time after that, but nothing really caught my interest until the Cyber-Twin came out. I bought one right away, and have used it off and on as one of my gigging amps for the past few years. Once I got my PAS, I tried the Cyber-Twin through it a few times, but like...Read More...
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