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We're glad you are here. This is a friendly, caring, and knowledgeable community.

It only takes a minute to register.

You'll need an email address to activate your membership. We do not use or sell your email for any reason other than running this community.

There are many benefits to registering besides posting, such as private messaging to and from any other member, and automatic email notification when a reply comes to your question if you choose.

  1. How to Register

    Look at the right-hand side of your screen and you'll see where it says Join.

    Just click there and you'll be prompted for a few things.

    Go ahead now and get registered and signed in. Then come back here to how to get the most from this community. You can get back here by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen, and then click Posting Tips.

  2. Navigating Through Various Forums
    1. Click Forums
    2. Pick a Category (e.g. General Forums)
    3. Click the Forum you want to read (e.g. S1 Pro System)Navigate through the forums
      Click Forums
      Forum Directory
    4. Forum Forum Directoryand you will get a list of all the forums.
  3. Your First Post
    Find the forum that most closely matches the question you have.

    Click on that forum.

    Then click on the POST button at the top of your screen. If you see some options, click Topic.

    You'll be able to start a new Topic (discussion)  by asking your question.  You'll find more information here:

    Create Your First Post

    If you have posted in a Forum that is subject to review,  moderators will have to clear your post first before you see it and others can respond to it. This usually takes less than an hour and often just a few minutes.

    Or, you can browse Topics and if you want to join in, click Add Reply

    At the end of every discussion, you'll see a box where you can write a reply.


    To reply to a specific post within a discussion, Click Take Action at the bottom of that post and Click Reply With Quote.

  4. Keeping Current
    Many people in this community check in from time to time and want to read what's happened since the last time there were here. On the Home page, scroll down through the recent activity (left panel). This is arranged with the newest items at the top. Items that you have not read will have a   NEW  Indicator.  Read more about that here:

    New Since Last Visit

  5. Staying in Touch With a Specific Thread
    Let's say you post a question and want to know if someone's answered it. Or let's say you're really enjoying a certain discussion and want to know if someone has added to it.

    There's an easy way to do this. When you're looking at the topic of interest, click Follow This Topic

    You'll then get an email (to whatever email address you used when you registered) whenever someone posts to the topic. The email will include the content in the new post and an easy link back to the topic. For more about Email Notifications see:

    Email Notifications and Following a Forum or Discussion

  6. Searching for Information

    Note: You must be signed in to the Community to use Search.

    At the top right area of the screen - look for the search icon beside your name. 

    Click that and the Search box will open.

    Just above the Search box, there's a link to open an Advanced Search too.

    For more information see:

    How Do I Search the Community?

  7. Etiquette
    Use common sense. You will find that this is a highly respectful community. We do disagree on things, but we try to do so in a way that doesn't attack another member.

    We do not flame each other or say disparaging things about each other.

    We try to be clear about the difference between fact and opinion.

  8. Why don't my posts appear immediately?
    Moderators look at posts before sending them on to the public forum.

    We are looking for vulgar language and posts that are either deliberately or mistakenly about something other than the L1™ family of products.

    We welcome all kinds of feedback, including criticism. Negative reviews are NEVER a reason for rejecting a post.

Questions that Get Answers
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