A new Mixer for 2 L1 M2 + 2 B2

Auron ·
Hello there, I'm using the L1 M2 System with 1 B2 on a Tyros 5. The T1 is my Mixer and the sound is just fantastic. The last 3 years were very succesful but I really need Stereo sound. That's why I decided to change the system. First I was thinking about a normal System but later I tested some other Systems like HK Elements. My results are clear. The L1 is the best. Finally I need a second L1 M2 and a second B2 and a new Mixer. Could you tell me if these two are good? One of them is a...

A pair of Compacts with a B2?

gregf ·
Is this possible? I now own 4 B1s, 2 B2s and a an EV ZXA1 powered sub (which sucks). I want to simplify. So my question is can I use 2 Compacts, with a crossover and amp to use 1 B2? Please don't tell me the B2 isn't intended for use with the Compact. Teach me why, or that it is doable. Thanks.

A1 with B2

bsingle3 ·
Hello, How can the A1 be used with the B2s? From the Bose site it recommends that 2 B2s with an A1 can be used with L1 M2. David Singleton

A1et B2

grom ·
Bonjour, J'utilise aujourd'hui 2 L1 model 1 avec 4 B1. J'envisage un apport de graves supplémentaires. Je m'oriente naturellement sur 1 ou 2 B2. Je n'ai pas trouvé d'explications très claires a ce sujet . Il est par contre défini qu'avec mes modèles 1 , seule, la fonction "normal" du B2 sera accessible . Est-ce que l'ajout d'un ampli A1 peu contourner cet état de fait ? Est-ce que donc, en ajoutant un A1 sur mon L1Mod1 je vais pouvoir changer la puissance de mon B2 ? Merci d'avance.

Access B2 EQ setting without T1? T or F

proflowery ·
There was a recent post on Facebook where the poster stated that in a phone conversation with a Bose tech, he was informed that there is a firmware update for the L1/M2 Powerstand that allows the L1/m2 to take advantage of the 3 B2 EQ settings without having to use a T1. I can't find an official statement from Bose regarding this. Can someone confirm or deny.

4/5 piece rock band in a bar. 1 model II with B2 bass and tonematch.

multiac ·
The line up is : drum kit, 2 electric guitars, bass guitar. And saxophone on a few of the tunes. With one main vocal and possibly another backing vocal. We'll be using 2 30 watt guitar amplifiers, a bass amp, most likely not connected to the bose. Microphones for singer and saxophone and I was hoping to use two mics on the kit. Bass drum and snare. I have 4 sm 58s at my disposal and a few decent drum mics. A friend has a bose compact that I can use too. I have a soundcraft 600 powered mixer...

4 B2s, serious canceling confusion, paraEQ, Dj presets

dantedelsignore ·
Hello, I am the proud yet confused owner of two L1 Model IIs and four B2 bass modules, (and a jblprx18xlf 38hz +10db, trust me that's for another time lol!) But they have me quite confused. I've got everything wired up in my garage (the four B2s and model 2's). To clarify all variables, the four B2s are in the upright position, back to back to back to back. Now here is my confusion. I have been EQ testing for over 2 hours. I attempted to get the most low end out of the entire system and here...

2 B2's, the equivalent 8 b1's. Really?

tablatom ·
Hi. I have 2 B2's and i am just about to do my first Roland TD20 gig with them next to me on stage stacked together. I sold my B1's before i got my B2's, so i never got to A-B test them to see if 1 b2 really is like the sound of 4 B1's. In theory then, i now have the equivalent of 8 B1's. And with the coupling effect of having them stacked i will guess one could say the equivalent of 9 B1's?? So this would mean the equivalent of around 1000watts RMS? 8 x 125rms. I'd like to believe that. I...

2 B2's verses 1

Chuckm ·
I have two L1 Model II's coupled with 2 B2's. I've learned after purchasing that I could get by with just one B2. What I want to know is, it possible to somehow connect one B2 up so the base sound will come out both sticks? I use two sticks a lot and tie them together through use of the Master Out on the T1 for dual mono. But the base just comes out on one side. Just asking.

2 B2s versus 2 B1s and the KSUB

kevin16 ·
Thanks for any feedback in advance! Just got the 2 B2s today. Taking a full 30 days to see if this works for me. I did the firmware and yes without a doubt, they (the B2) do impress! I have two L1 model 2 and was using 2 B1s on one side and KSUB on the other - I actually have 4 B1s but could never make it work, 2 B1s were fine but for bigger gigs the KSUB was needed - it didn't make sense to bring out 4 B1s. The KSUB worked well, but when I heard about B2, I got very excited and ordered 2...

2 Compacts w/external sub OR 1 M1S w/B2?

milehiry ·
Greetings all, Let me start by saying I've LOVED travelling this forum as I make my way back to Bose. I used to own an L1 Classic w/single B1, but they were stolen and I went to a "traditional" PA consisting of 2 QSC K10's and an EV 18" sub. This PA was used 2/3rd of the time for a live band and 1/3rd for DJ'ing. I'm leaving the band at the end of the year for full-time DJ'ing in '13 and I'm excited to go back to the portability and sound of the L1's. After reading many posts, looking at...

2 more gigs under our belt with L1M2+B2!

Jwandass3 ·
Just a quick report on L1M2+B2 performance over the past week. My son (Martin acoustic guitar, vocals) and myself (Roland RD700 keys, vocals) played two recent gigs in Franklin and Nashville, TN. First was at an outdoor venue in a small gazebo. We could only have the radiators about 4 feet behind us so not totally optimal. However, we had the chance to really turn up the volume..... only to the 1 o'clock position which was significantly loud! The L1 just "loafed" along without any clipping...

1 B1 or 2 B2s

amos ·
I'm recent owner of an L1 M2 with B2, and I'm quite impressed. But i'd like to know what is the difference between the B1 and the B2. And would it be the same to have one B2 than to have to two B1s?

1 B2 + 2 B1 or 2 B2 ?

alcools ·
Hi I have a L1 v2.I use it for a mix of Bass guitare+Kick+electronic drums+Guitar. What is the best choice for a good frequency response : 1 B2 + 2 B1 or 2 B2 ? (I already have a Packlite)


guppy33 ·
est ce qu'une bose B2 est aussi éfficace que deux bB1

1 Model 2 or 2 Model 1s's with B2?

landmentertainment ·
Hi, So my budget allows me to either get 1 model 2 w/ b2 or 2 model 1s's w/ B2's. I do like having a symmetrical setup but i'm not sure if i'm going to be kicking myself for not getting the model 2. I plan on keeping my drive rack so I can run a sub out of that if the 2 B2's don't cut it. I'm mainly a wedding DJ. Looking for opinions. Thanks!

10K Resistor - Do I need it with my Model II and B2?

midnight ·
I've been hearing about it. What does it do? edit title: Previously "10K Resistor"

Classic Rock Trio-ALL mics/inst in single Model II, two T1s, and a B2

DrumrPete ·
I have some friends who play in a band, aptly named "Geezer" (rhymes with Weezer). They have t-shirts that say "GEEZER: Not young, Not dead, Somewhere in between". I have played with the bassist and guitarist here and there over they years, and have been going to see their new band. They are doing mostly 60s lately in this incarnation, so I go and get ideas for good songs they do for my own 60s band. Their bassist, Roy, and I have been talking about a Model 1S, he wanted to know if a single...

Combining pair of B1s and singel B2 on L1 Mod II

gnott ·
Hello Bose Support; I recently provided sound system for a Fiddle Competition in a 700 seat auditorium shaped like a large shoe box with speakers on long side. I used 4 L1 Mod II with a B2 on each for FOH and 4 L1 Compacts for stage monitors and judges monitors. While I got lots of compliments on the sound, I felt my Low Mids were weak. I am doing another venue shortly with just 2 L1 Mod II but am thinking of combining a pair of B1s with a B2 on each unit, I have the extra power amps to do...

Compact, L1 B1, L1 B1x2, or L1S with B2...

hwystar ·
I am playing in a cover band that plays everything from Shania Twain to AC/DC. I am currently playing through a amp head and 4x12 open-backed cabinet and am considering switching to a Line 6 POD HD500 and a Bose speaker setup. Which combination of Bose speaker(s) should I use to replace a standard amp head/4x12 cabinet setup? I will also be playing keyboards through the Bose and singing backup vocals as well but my main concern is the tones I can get through my guitar through the right...

Compact VS Model II with a B2

Bill McGoldrick ·
Question to the L1 Forum Team, I have a Compact that struggles in some of the larger rooms my duo plays in and I am considering getting an L1 Model II with one of the new B2s. My question is, currently when I am pushing the L1 Compact to cover the larger rooms its gets to the point that we are a bit too loud for ourselves onstage, wouldn't the larger Model II system have the same issue with us having too loud of a stage volume?

F1 tops with B2's ?? ·
Hi everyone, I am interested in how two F1 tops would sound with two B2's. I was wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to test this idea for me. It would have to be someone still owning at least a Model II and a B2 or more L1 gear... Coming directly out of the bass line out of the 812 into a packlite would most likely sound lousy. So I figure just go out of the line out of the 812 into the Mod. II power stand and adjusting the balence of volume between the two. *As an option to...

Finally purchased my two L1 Model1s and two b2s

dre ·
i have the boxes sitting in my apartment just looking at me i have tested only on side because I've been busy with work, but friends who have visited are all jaw dropped when they hear the quality sound. i am taking both sides for a test run next week Friday (6/21/2013) at a gig to see how my baby energize the crowd. soooo excited about my first BOSE purchase.

Considering a move to the Bose L1 Model II with B2

scandalous ·
I am investigating moving to using two Bose L1 Model II and B2s as a PA/Monitor replacement for my band. We are a seven piece blues band and generally play bars and small venues (100-300 people). The stage areas are typically pretty tight. The band/instuments breaks down as follows... 1. Lead & BG Vocals (SM58)/Harmonica (amp > SM57) 2. Rythme Guitar (amp > SM57)/Keyboards (DI) 3. Lead Guitar (amp > SM57) 4. Bass Guitar (DI) 5. Saxophone (condensor mic) / Guitar (amp > SM57)...

Could 1 L1 MII system with B2 bass replace 2 M1 systems?

James Glynn ·
Just curious about this. Any feedback?

Caractéristiques du L1 v2 + B2

erickb ·
Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter un système stéréo L1 v2 avec b2. J'en suis bien content mais je me pose quelques questions que la documentation n'a pas pu me donner. 1- Quel est le rendement SPL de ce matériel, 2- Quel est la bande passante réel de ce matériel? J'ai constaté un petit soucis dans l'exploitation suivante. J'avais 4 systèmes L1 v2 + B2 espacés de 1.5m sur une scène. Mon problème est que lorsque je me déplaçais devant les enceintes, je resentais une inversion de phase entre les...

Carrying Bag B2 Sub

klugfar ·
Hello. I'm a new user of L1 m2 B2 sub, and I was not happy with the bag for the B2 sub. I just got a Pelican 1630 hardcase, and it fit exactly for a B2 sub. So now its protected and can be rolled from the car. Next thing will be a T1 tonematch. ;O)

Case for B2

trav12 ·
Anyone know of a case that is readily available to hold the B2 Sub?

Church setting for 2-3 L1® Model II with B2s - mtndude

ST ·
Hi mtndude, Thanks for using The Sketcher! Here is your Sketch. -- click image to make changes to the live version -- Quoting mtndude from The Sketcher quote: Church setting. We have a room with high ceiling (25') with a center cluster of 3 cabs for FOHWe would like to use 2-3 Bose L1 model 2 with B2 units so we can get rid of wedge monitors and also be able to hear what our congregation hears - and , of course, hear each other. Right now, bass amp has a DI out to main board, also, the...

Dual Model II vs Dual B2

Andy Lancaster ·
I recently posted a discussion here about a Mardi Gras party in a parking lot in regards to my L1 II system. I currently have one B2, one Model II, and one T1. Earlier this week I placed an order for a B2 and a (P1?) Packlite amp to supplement my system. Since I've just dropped almost 1,000 for just a subwoofer, would it be worth it to go for another Model II instead? I'm saying instead of keeping the $400 amp, return it and just go for the Model II (standalone, no sub, no T1, just...

e alla fine ho scelto L1S con B2

emidio ·
ciao a tutti, da ieri sera sono ufficialmente entrato nel mondo Bose, acquistanto un impianto L1S con sub B2. Devo dire la verità: questi sistemi Bose array mi hanno sempre affascinato, ma non mi hanno mai convinto fino in fondo... Ho utilizzato per qualche serata musicale un L1 normale senza sub, e non mi ha emozionato affatto: per i miei gusti il suono era troppo piatto, per giunta "finto". Da poco ho avuto modo di utilizzare in serata un L1 modello II con sub B1... Anche qui, suono...

EQ and Response Change from B2 Update?

dancehost ·
Have L1 MII with T1. Last week went through the updates for the my new B2. Tried at a dance Friday night and found more of a bass response, less definition and a thicker, heavier more pressurized sound than with the B1s. After the presentation, I actually had some aural fatigue. Still have two B1s. If I try them with the new firmware, will they give the heavier response also? Do I still have the option of going back to my previous firmware to see if I can get my previous response with the...

Comparing the B1 and B2 with the Model II

Bose Pro Community Admin ·
New discussion for Andycamb. Spun off from Model II Power Stand with B1 - with and without B2 related updates

compatibilité B2 avec L1 serie 1

guppy33 ·
la compatibilité du B2 est possible avec le L1 SERIE 2 et le L1S mais pour le cas du L1 serie 1 ???? je n'ai pas encore trouvé de réponse

Connecting My L1 B2

customdjs1 ·
HI, I just bought 2 L1 B2 models. I use a pioneer ddj-sx board. The board has 2 xlr out and an rca master out. What is the best connection to use for maximum sound. Thanks.

DBX Driverack Powered for the L1 Mod II/B2

midnight ·
Wat y'all think? Good r Bad r Worth it?

Did I make a mistake, 2 compacts vs. 1S with B2

gwampa ·
for the same $ can have either one. I got the 2 compacts since I figured with 3-8 musicians playing (on a very small stage) I could have 1/2 of them panned to left channel, 1/2 of them panned to right channel (I will be using a Line6 M20D mixer) and get a stereo output, That seems to be the only plus of the 2 compacts. Seems like the 1S will give me better (less) sound falloff) and much better bass response. I have 30 days (well 20 now) to make my final decision. I run jams (sort of open...

Do B2s feedback vinyl less 'cause they move less air then standard subs?

noahd ·
Hey I've read that the Bose subs sound loud but that you don't "feel" the bass as much. That might be helpful to me. I play vinyl, so I can't put a normal sub under or near the table 'cause of feedback. Maybe the Bose subs can be closer? Anybody tried it?

Does a B2 work with a 2 wire cable?

davide ·
I went to sit in with a friend at an outdoor gig last week. I suggested we try my B2 with his L1M2 so he could hear how much bass it put out compared to his 1 B1. But when we plugged it in, there was no sound. Worked fine with his B1. I tried again and checked all connections and no sound from the B2. I did try all three positions on the rear switch. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a cable. He is using a replacement cable and I told him to make sure he bought a 4 wire cable, but maybe he...

Does the B2 replace the B1's or should I keep them.

Lou D ·
Before I get rid of my B1's.... My Model II's and B2's do a stellar job for dance music and most of what I need but is the B2 over kill for applications where I do not need that much base? Can the B2 be adjusted to work for cocktail music or for vocals and an acoustic guitar? I would prefer having just the B2's but should we keep a pair of B1's for those less base intensive applications?

Double Bass amp - anyone else using L1 mod 2 plus B2?

Timbass ·
After lots of experimentation with my double-bass, I have settled on L1 model 2 with a B2 bass bin as my amplification for live music with ToneMatch, mixing Kent Armstrong mag pickup and AKG 411P contact condenser mic. I play in quite loud jazz/standard 3-piece with 1 - 3 vocals that uses 2 x L1 model 1s with 4 x B1 for PA inc Roland digi-drums and Hammond/Piano. Anyone else out there using L1 for double bass?

Dual B2 subs with the L1 Model II and Tonematch?

treydavis ·
I have the L1 Model II with B2 sub, but want to add a second B2. I know I will need to get the A1 Packlite to power the second B2, but my question is, how will these be wired? The only information I can find, shows how the A1 Packlite is connected to the compact system, or Model 1, I think.. But I am running the system with the Tonematch mixer, which sends the signal to the base of the tower via the network cable. I can't find any information, before I order the second B2. Thanks!

Hi! Just a few B2 questions and L1 usage questions

lunchietey ·
Hi! Am considering some new PA gear, mostly for general PA work (voice) as well as wedding and light DJ work. In my area in Australia this gear is rather pricey, and not common (hard to demo) so thought I'd register here and ask a few questions. First the B2. 1 : in the PDF/instructions it states maximum stack is 2 B2s, the narrower B1 is fine in a stack of 4. What's the main limitation? Instability or weight? 2 : IF a pile of B2s were in my inventory and driven by non bose amplifiers (ie...

Hooking up a Mackie DL608 to L1 Model II with B2

galacticjam ·
Hello, Just looking for some insight to see if anyone is currently using a Mackie DL1608 or DL806 with an L1 Model II system? It doesn;t seem that my Mackie DL806 would send a mono signal without panning everything one direction. Would I just take the Left XLR output of the DL806 and connect it to the analog input on the L1 Modell II base using an XLR to 1/4" connection? Thanks!

hope to connect two l1 s1 with b2 together

westwind ·
we are a duo who want to play music via laptop through two T1 audio engines with two l1 s1 b2 systems . can anyone help on how to hook it up ? Help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks

How are you setting up your B2s?

joebunn ·
DJs, I just got a pair of L1M2 and 2 B2 subs. Can you tell me how you are setting up the subs, vertically beside each tower, or are you getting the longer cables and stacking them under your table?

From Dynacord Powermate 1000 to L1 Model 2 with B2

moorhouse7 ·
Hey Guys, Wondered if anyone with the L1 model 2 & B2 could give me some advice. I currently have a dynacord powermate 1000 MK2 and 2 ZX4 EV speakers. The sound is great lots of power and the vocals/guitar effects on the Dynacord are second to none. I mostly sing to backing tracks through my Mac book pro str8 into the dynacord desk and use a Sure SM58 Beta mic. I also do an acoustic duo with 2 acoustic guitars and 2 Vocals. I've been toying with the idea of getting the Bose L1 model 2...

Full Bandmix with 2 Bose L1 Modell II and B2 Bass

richy ·
Hi, here is our Stageplan: My Stage Layout We want to use 2x Bose L1 Modell II with B2 Bass for small/mid clubgigs (max 150-200pax). Would this setup work? No monitors needed? Thanks

Garbled sound from L1 Model II, B2, ToneMatch

billyedge ·
I have L1 Model II with B2 and Tone Match. It was working fine at a gig last weekend, but this Saturday night it totally ******* out. I was getting power, but only low, muffled volume, with no bass. I replaced the ToneMatch cord. Same thing. Replaced the Speakon cables to the B2. Same thing. Used 3 different power cables. Same horrible sound. Got any suggestions? I have another gig this weekend and I'd like to get it working. Thanks for your help!

Going from one B2 to two B2s: I'm trying to make sense of the math

Bose Pro Community Admin ·
Spun off from B2 Live Results . edit: updated link
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