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L1 Model II w/TI Tone Match

I have been been using a L1 Model II system w/the T1 Tone Match mixer for a while, now. I am a solo guitar/vocalist and play frequently at area churches. I use a Shure SM57 microphone and either a Taylor T5 or Takamine Santa Fe Acoustic guitar. Recently, I experienced the following: I was performing at a church I had played at previously with no problems. The setup and sound check went fine and, since I was not going to be performing immediately, I powered the system down. When it was time...Read More...
Yes, it has happened to me also. Mine was the cable. I always carry a back up cable. Fixed the problem. I carry many backed up items, Never take a chance.Read More...
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Volume too low with Shure SM58

Hi! I unpacked a Bose S1 Pro today (alongside my L1S/B2/T1) planning to use it at a small gig on wednesday. But I am disappointed with the volume on the microphone (Shure SM58). I have tried different inputs and settings. The guitar sound great and with lots of headroom, but I have to crank the volume almost to maximum to get (to my ears) a reasonable volume from the Shure. (I have ordered a Sennheiser e945, thinking it was a better mic than the SM58 (which is OK) but I'm getting second...Read More...
Not battery operated like the Stompmix 6 is.
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Playing music from iPhone through the L1 Model 2 system

I perform in public a few times a year with my L1 Model 2 system with the T1 ToneMatch audio engine. I was wondering if anyone had advice as to the best way to play music from my iPhone through the system while we are taking a break?Read More...
FWIW, if you don't like Bluetooth the iPhone lighting to 1/8" adapter is dead simple to use and is only a few bucks to $10, depending on where you buy. I keep a 3" one in my pocket for whenever I (or someone else) might need it. If you're already connecting a 1/8" cable to a system, adding the lighting adapter isn't a big deal. Yeah, we can all whine about it until the cows come home (and I do my fair share), but it's just not that big of a deal anymore. I prefer Bluetooth myself as I can...Read More...
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S1 + Play Acoustic, experiencing feedback

Hi everybody! I've been following this forum for a while, especially since I was interested in purchasing S1 for my live acoustic performances. Well, today I pulled the trigger and got myself one! In this post I will share my first thoughts about the system and kindly ask for a few tips because I'm a bit concerned about getting the most of this beautiful box. My setup is following: Taylor GS mini & AKG D5 into TC Helicon Play Acoustic > DI voice/guitar output settings into S1's two...Read More...
I have done this, but with way too Much noise. There is an article that ST sent about hooking up a mixer. It mentions bringing the output n the mixer to a high level and then turning up the S1 Pro to the desired level. If you are able to do this without noise, maybe I need to change cables or something.Read More...
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Settings for Neumann KMS 104 with T4S

im using a neuman 104 with my Bose ls1 series two and t4s what’s the best setting for a warm vocal sound covering songs by foreigner,Micheal Bolton ,George Micheal , George benson !!! All original key so powerful top end has the t4s got enough eq or should I add something in line Edit Subject: Previously "T4s" Bose Pro Community AdminRead More...
Hi Simon hawkins, Set the ToneMatch Preset to Neumann KMS 105 and follow the instructions for gain staging as shown in the video below. For best results, use close-mic technique (lips barely brushing the windscreen). If you sing farther away, the sound will be thin. Then use zEQ if necessary to fine tune sound. The videos show a T1 ToneMatch audio engine, but are equally applicable to the T4S. For best results, do your listening and fine-tuning in a gig-sized room at gig volume. Add effects...Read More...
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T4S with L1 Model II and two S1 Pro systems. S1 Pro systems overpowered

hi i was using the tonematch yesterday at an open air event linked up to my ls1 series 2 I had to have the volume high due to the event i linked two s1 pros to the master output of the tonematch so the volume of the s1 went up with the main Volume in sync the Problem was at high volumes the Signal was to great for the s1 and unusable ! As they almost straight away were being over powered . the s1 was linked via the Line out on the rear of the s1 to one of the xlr channels on the second s1...Read More...
Hi Simon hawkins, First S1 Pro This is the one connected to the T4S. Set the volume level to 10:00 o'clock Turn up the T4S output to the highest you need on the L1 Fine tune the volume on the S1 Pro to suit your needs. Second S1 Pro Set the volume level to 10:00 o'clock Set other controls as shown Please click the picture to read S1 Pro Daisy Chain Settings OR Connect both S1 Pro systems directly to the T4S. Click the picture to see: T4S to S1 Pro Does that help? STRead More...
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T4S/T8S ToneMatch Mixers Feature Requests Featured

Let's use this topic to capture our ideas for feature requests for the T4S/T8S ToneMatch Mixers. Tell us what you would like to see added, and why. We can't promise that Bose will acknowledge or act on every request, but you can be sure that they are following this discussion closely. STRead More...
When trying to name my Scene/preset on T4S I'm missing full stop character . Unicode Character 'FULL STOP' (U+002E). I don't understand why there need to be 3 slashes - forward slash, backslash and vertical? Same situation as on T1. Bose should make its own Windows driver for DAW to be able to utilise all 4 xlr inputs for recording to the computer. I think it is embarrassing if Bose $600 product is using generic driver. At least there should be 2 stereo streams we could pan to left and right.Read More...
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Surround Sound with F1 812 / F1 Subs / S1 Pro / Roomatch RMU208

Greetings, I recently held my first music workshop utilizing a Klipsch home 7.1 theatre with Dolby Surround for critical listening which is a key part of the workshop. Media used are FLAC and Lossless files. The mission was accomplished with the Klipsch but it wasn’t practical for the repeated moves etc... but the concept was proven. up.... I got the Bose F1 Set up to create a more dynamic and immersive listening experience and being that it's my first foray into Pro Audio I wanted to get...Read More...

Sound system upgrade

Hi Boss Community, Our church is looking to upgrade our sound system and we are just brain storming a few ideas. Currently we use a Behringer XR16 wireless digital mixer with almost 9 inputs (vocals and instruments) with 4 outputs (2 main speakers for the audience, 2 fold back monitors for the musicians and vocalists). Do you guys think this whole setup can be replaced with any Bose range speakers (for a crowd of up-to 200 individuals). If we purchase any BOSE L1 range, would we get enough...Read More...
Hi Jolls, I say this as the Technical Director for a church with a roughly 350 seat auditorium, and my day job is an AV Integration Manager for commercial gov't AV systems: get a reputable AV integrator to help figure out what you need. A myriad of factors go into getting the right sound system - room size, room geometry, musical style, experience level of the users, budget (your "good amount" may or may not be what you expect), etc. Take a read through this industry-recognized paper by...Read More...
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Bose l1 compact issue

So ive had my L1 compact for about5 days now when i turn the volume up without anything plugged in it just makes buzzing noise. When i turn the microphone input up it gets even worse. ive just used it with my guitar only and some pedals but i havnt done anything drastic. Only played it half volume the last time i played it so.. Im not sure if this is normal.Read More...
Hi teddyv, Let's not get you into trouble by playing at toxic volumes in the middle of the night. If you are not using an input, the volume for that channel should be off. For example: if you are using only the guitar through channel 2, channel 1 should be off. The noise should not be audible if you are playing the guitar. There may be some noise when the guitar is connected, but you are not playing. When you're not playing turn down the volume on the guitar. That might help. STRead More...
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S1 Pro with a Sub

I own a S1 Pro And am looking for a 12 inch sub to complement it. As I understand it the S1 Pro has a built in sub with a 5.5 inch speaker handling the low frequencies and a 3 speaker array handling the higher frequencies. This seems to indicate the internal circuitry is managing a cross over frequency to split the signals on each input to either the array or sub speakers. I suspect that the tone match settings may also vary where the split occurs to get the best sound balance. Am I correct...Read More...
Hi David, Thanks for your questions. Speaker Array Three 2.25" (5.715 mm) high-excursion drivers mounted in a curved Articulated Array® Woofer One 6" (152 mm) low-frequency driver mounted behind the three drivers in a curved Articulated Array® Source: S1 Pro Compared to L1 Compact The crossover frequency is 600 Hz. The crossover is fixed. The crossover point does not vary regardless of settings on the S1 Pro, or content from the signal source. Sending a filtered signal does not affect the...Read More...
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Line Out Freqs

Anyone know if the frequencies from the S1 Pro line out are capped to what the S1 Pro can handle or are they left open to a fuller range? I am asking because I have a F1 Sub and use primarily at lower volumes fed by a Yamaha WXC-50 for various inputs. With the sub being input hungry compared to the S1 Pro I am wondering if I can get some additional input gain to the subs by running a line out of each of my S1's to both inputs on the sub. Of course, I would only do this is the line out...Read More...
thank you
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connecting 2 t8s tonematch mxers

good morning, please help. what is the best way to connect 2 t8s tonematch mixers? it will be for church use- live band, 2 mics for choir, 1 mic for piano, 1 mic for organ, 1 mic for worship leader, 1 mic for preacher, wireless mic option for preacher, laptop for streaming prayercast videos, and line for live video streaming for our website. we have existing amplifier and speakers and monitors in place. many thanks, roy ps. will our existing set up change if we introduce and utilize the 2 f1...Read More...
Hi Roy, Yes, you can add two F1 Model 812 systems to your existing system. I can tell you how to make the electrical connections and make some general suggestions, but it's difficult to know how well everything will work together. We would need a lot more information about the sound system that's there now. Great. The T8S ToneMatch mixers have two pairs of outputs. You can connect one pair of outputs to your amplifier one pair of outputs to your F1 systems The F1 systems were engineered to...Read More...
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