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What are you doing with your extra time these days

Hi Everybody, Let's share some ideas about self-care and how we can be kind to ourselves and one another in these difficult times. This is off-topic for our community but we can do this productively if we focus on how we are filling the time left to us because of canceled gigs. For me, this has given me time to catch up on some writing, finish some songs, get reacquainted with my gear, and get in touch with distant connections. Next, I want to explore ways to collaborate with musicians...Read More...
Hi, Archtop Eddy. It's okay do disagree, but this is not the place for memes and jokes you can find in other places on the web. I have amended the lead post in this thread. What are you doing with your extra time these days to help us stay on track. STRead More...
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T8S to S1 static noise.

I am finding it very difficult to overcome static noise and hiss when coming out from my T8S to a S1 speaker. The noise lever is very low until I increase the sound level past the 50% point. Volume increases on the S1 volume beyond 75% is basically too noisy to use. I am using Van Damme Quad core microphone xlr cables out of the T8S to the S1 speaker. Less noise is being received when coming out of the T8S from the 1/4 inch analogue output. Any suggestions or reasons for this happening?Read More...
Hi, D. You won't do any damage, but if you turn the S1 Pro volume much higher than the settings shown you may hear an excessive hiss (the static sound you described). Although at higher volume levels you probably won't hear the hiss because the music will be loud. If you see the signal light on the S1 Pro turn solid red, turn down the volume on the S1 Pro. STRead More...
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BOSE T4S Mixer. Red Light Stay's On.

Hi All. Can anyone help out there? This is probably a warning light and I have looked for info on this but drawn a blank. The unit is still functioning... but I'm a tad anxious as the Red status must signify something? Cheers in advance. Ronnie Rollo. Stay safe you all.Read More...
Hi Ronnie, Is it the light above the Phantom Power button (near the top right)? If you aren't using Phantom Power, press the button so it pops out and the light should go dark. If you are using Phantom Power, then it's appropriate for the light to be on. If it's not the Phantom Power light - what light is on? STRead More...
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Connecting S1 with L1 Compact

Is this possible to connect mi S1 with the L1 compact? And how I have to do. Many thanks for your help.Read More...
Hi DJ uuw, Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community. Yes, you can. You can go either way depending on what you are trying to do. Sound source(s) to the S1 Pro, and the S1 Pro to L1 Compact Connect the sound sources to the S1 Pro Connect the S1 Pro Line Out to the L1 Compact channel 2. Set the L1 Compact ToneMatch switch to Line Level. Sound source(s) to the L1 Compact, and L1 Compact to the S1 Pro Connect the sound sources to the L1 Compact Connect the L1 Compact Line Out to the S1 Pro...Read More...
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We lost another great artist yesterday

John Prine, Singer-Songwriter Known for Wit and Warmth, Dies at 73 73-dies-from-covid-19-11586309968 Sad day for us all, but his music will survive. Rest In Peace John.Read More...
Saddest Loss of another great... Poet Artist Truthful Human Being .... John Prine. Warmest wishes and consolations to his Family,Friends,Co-Musicians, and all those whose lives he so comically, beautifully, deeply and eloquently touched. He will live on in us alway's and help us all through these strange times we currently live in. Roll On Forever........ Dear John. Ronnie.Read More...
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What cable to connect mixer to two Bose L1 Model 1's.

I'm planning to go from the Left Main XLR out to the 1/4 input 3 on one of the Bose L1 M1's. And the Right Main XLR to the other Bose L1M1 input 3. The distance of each cable will be about 25'. Would there be a problem using balanced cables? I ask because the 1/4 input 3 is unbalanced? The mixer is a Behringer XAir X18 if that matters.Read More...
Thanks so much for your quick responses. Helps a lot.Read More...
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Gear/Cables Needed for FB Live

Hi, just looking for some input on how best to set up my gear for a possible FB Live Session. I believe I have all the hardware I need but might be missing some cables. Ideally I would like to have audio sent directly from my T4s/ L1 system directly into an android or iPhone or directly into a Mac Computer via USB out or something. My Gear and Current Chain: 1: Taylor 214 and Shure SM 58 (XLR and 1/4 in) into TC Helicon Play Acoustic (for guitar and vocal effects, harmonies..) out to->...Read More...
Hi Fish, Yes. The T4S/T8S USB output is post-channel-fader (affected by channel volume, but not Master volume control) Yes - confirmed. For those reading along, the USB output is post-master-volume on the T1. That is, the USB output is affected by the T1 Master Volume control. Yes - this is one of the improvements compared to the T1. STRead More...
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Removing the plastic base of L1 Compact

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to remove the plastic foot (base) of the L1 Compact? I have a tight corner with limited real estate and I figure I don't really need that extra base for stability and want to remove it to save some space. Thank you.Read More...
Hi, Duke. Please do not remove the plastic foot (base) of the L1 Compact. The plastic foot secures the grilles and the connector plate for the speaker array/extensions. The grilles could rattle and you will make the connection to the speaker array exposed and vulnerable to physical damage. Please note; removing the base will void the warranty. STRead More...
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Monitors out from L1 Classic

Hi, Playing a gig recently and the singer wanted a monitor to hear himself in the mix. I have 2 L1's and 2 Tonemathes - how could I go out of the system to a monitor? Thanks.Read More...
Hi Rob, Thanks for the interesting question. Since you have L1 Model 1 systems, I have assumed you have T1 ToneMatch audio engines (not T4S or T8S). The easiest way to get a monitor mix of a singer is to use the Aux output from the T1 to which the singer is connected. Please see these notes. T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Aux Output --∈∞ΘΞ Please click the picture for more details ΞΘ∞∋-- Connect the Aux output to a powered monitor like a Bose S1 Pro . If you have two T4S ToneMatch mixers see T4S...Read More...
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T8s Master Volume control issue

Hi there. I have the Bose T8s mixer running into an L1 speaker setup. We have experienced intermittent problems with the master volume knob on the T8s. Here's the issue: When the volume is set where we want it, the mixer will unexpectedly get much quieter, seemingly for now reason. Then, when we try to turn the master volume knob, we just get a lot of feedback. Sometimes just turning the know causes the system to feedback, even though it appears nothing is peaking. It has been very...Read More...
Thanks for getting back to me! We just use one L1. We have been running our Mackie into the L1 and everything works fine. It is only when using the T8s that we have this problem. I updated the firmware when we first had this issue, but it's been awhile so I will try another update and see if that helps. Let me know if you come up with anything. Thanks!Read More...
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S1 Pro battery draining when not in use

If your S1 Pro battery is draining when the S1 Pro is not in use (and the power switch is in the standby position ⏻ and not connected to AC power, please read the latest update S1 Pro battery draining when not in use Thank you, Bose Pro Community Admin The original message follows below. I have two S1 Pro speakers. Same age, both pretty much new. The latest one I purchased with only a few hours of use has a battery that slowly dies over the course of a week or two when not in use. The other...Read More...
Thanks David for clarifying. I'm sure Bose will take care of you in due time. In the meantime, enjoy your S1Pros!Read More...
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Wireless Guitar Systems, what do you use?

Wireless guitar system is great. Which one do you use?Read More...
Chet I have the wood ones too and wondering if that has anything to do with having “good” ones? They’ve worked flawlessly for me thus far. On another tangent about wireless guitar systems like the U2, I found that on my Martin 0000-28 that has a Martin thin line pickup and preamp, the U2 would exhibit a high pitched hum that became more pronounced if I bent the unit towards the guitar, but diminished substantially when I extended it out from the body. I’m assuming that’s because the preamp...Read More...
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L1M2/T8S Bracket & Cable Included???

I just purchased an L1 Model 2 with B2 and T8S A bracket to mount the T8S to the loudspeaker was not included? Please tell me this bracket exists and should have been included. I would even accept, but not understand at this price point, if it's not included but available for purchase. A Cable (Cat5/6 with Metal Casing) to connect the T8S to the Power Stand was not included? If a Tone Match Cable from the T8S to the Power Stand isn't included can I buy one and use it instead of a TRS? Does...Read More...
Hi, Mumblin Blues. Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. Congratulations! You're correct. There is no bracket to mount the T8S to the L1 Cylindrical radiator (the tower). No bracket exists. It would not be feasible given the size and weight of the T8S. The T8S and T4S have a 1/4" mounting hole. Please see this article for ideas. T4S & T8S Mixers - 1/4 inch (6mm) Mounting Screw (Mounting Options) Using a ToneMatch cable from the T8S to the Power Stand is not supported (it...Read More...
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S1 Pro run on battery or AC?

Given the choice to run on batteries or AC power is it always better to not use the battery. Or is it sometimes better to run the battery down. What provides the longest battery life? Edit Subject: Previously "S1 Pro Battery" Bose Pro Community AdminRead More...
Richard, Please see this new topic for your discussion. Wireless Guitar Systems, what do you use?Read More...
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R1 remote - faulty pots

Hi all, I'm having issues with the mid range and bass pots on my remote. I've tried pulling the knobs off and refitting them - no luck. I'm wondering if i need to have the remote looked at? any advice would be appreciated!Read More...
Hi, smuir. Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. Welcome. I'm sorry you're having a problem with the R1 Remote. You might try pulling the knobs off and using some contact cleaner . I don't think the R1 can still be serviced, but if you're very lucky Bose may have some in stock. Here's the contact information. Bose® Product & Technical Support at (877) 335-2673 (U.S. and Canada only) Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET Other regions Please note: Bose and COVID-19 Thanks, STRead More...
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