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how to assign input 5 and 6 to aux sends on t4s

I see how to assign channels 1 thru 4 to the aux 1 or 2 sends, but is there a way to also assign the 5 or 6 inputs to specific aux 1 or 2 sends as well?Read More...
Hi Joey, Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. Welcome. I'm sorry, no. Inputs 5 and 6 are auxiliary inputs that are routed directly to the main outputs. The only options are pan and level. Reference: T4S Aux Inputs What are you connecting to the aux inputs? Also - please check that your firmware is up to date. T4S/T8S Firmware Update Instructions STRead More...
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Don't know what to choose.

We are a 3 piece band - we play small gigs (less than 100). 2 mics, 2 guitars, bass, cajon. Originally I thought the L1 compact with a mixer might work for us, but my husband was concerned about the bass. Checked out the L1 1S/B1 much info, my head is buzzing. Can anyone give me any pointers about what to choose. Thanks.Read More...
At least with a B1 to start, you can always add another later if you need more bass. I think you’re making a wise decision with the 1S. I love Cornwall. I spent some time at Oxford University many years ago now, but feel like the UK is my second home.Read More...
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S1 Pops on Shutdown

Just bought 2 S1 Pros & connected them together for a PA system in our Sportsmen's Club. Works great...but...I have them connected to a Livewire power conditioner and everytime I power down the conditioner, the S1s produce a (loud) pop. BOSE support suggested turning each speaker's volume down to zero first, then powering off. Not a practical solution as the speakers are mounted high on the walls of our meeting room. Thoughts? Suggestions?Read More...
Hi Chuck@WSC, One more thing to try: With the S1 Pro systems on (and other devices off), remove the AC power plug for one of the S1 Pro systems from the Livewire PC900 power conditioner/distribution. Do you hear the pop? Thanks, STRead More...
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S1 Pro system: Feature Requests and Suggestions Featured

Let's use this topic to capture our ideas for feature requests for the S1 Pro system. Tell us what you would like to see added, and why. We can't promise that Bose will acknowledge or act on every request, but you can be sure that they are following this discussion closely. STRead More...
veteq, DavidE2. Comments related to veteq's post above have been moved to Subwoofer for S1 Pro Bose Pro Community AdminRead More...
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Subwoofer for S1 Pro

Several folks have started using the Behringer 1200D subwoofer with the S1 to bolster its lower end. It got me to thinking that it would be nice for Bose to develop a similar type of optional subwoofer for the S1, but perhaps base (no pun intended) it on a B1 or 2. Further, it would be nice to have this new B1/2 interchangeable with a L1 as many of us use both depending on the venue size. I expect one of the challenges would be how to make this new subwoofer work off battery power to...Read More...
Yea 2 S1s work from the same device as the speed to both is the same. But Bluetooth from the S1 to the B1 would be delayed.Read More...
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Wireless Lavelier Mics & S1 Pro | Very Low Output!

Greetings! We are Theatre/Storytelling collective, and require amplification support for our solo (speech only) performances. We own a Saramonic UHF Wireless Lavalier Mic System UwMic9 for video recording. These are the specs: Audio output level -60dBV (mic level) Headphone output level : 30mw (16 ohm) Sensitivity: -95dBm Signal to noise ratio : 70 dB or more Voice delay: 12ms Frequency response: 40kz to 18kHz Distortion: 0.5% or less Spur suppression: -60db We have used this in the past...Read More...
Hi KC, Okay - that suggests the S1 Pro is okay. However, there are a few more things we can try. Thanks for checking that. Try connecting your phone headphone output or computer tablet headphone output to the Aux input. Please try connecting headphones to the UWMic 9 receiver headphone output too. Please try fresh batteries in the transmitter and receiver. Thanks, STRead More...
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Difference in capacity from Two Bose L1 model 1S vs One L1 Model 2?

What are your thoughts? Is there a significant difference in capacity from Two Bose L1 model 1S vs one L1 Model 2? I am a club and mobile DJ who currently uses... 1) Two Mackie DLM-8's (very compact, manufacturer claims 2000Watts peak 1000 Watts RMS, 126dB at max volume) 2) One Mackie 12s sub woofer (Large and heavy) 3) Two DJ stands 4) A mess of wires and cables Audience size under 350, small to medium sized rooms varying floor types, wood, concrete, sometimes outdoors Music type varies,...Read More...
ST, No worries! All of that was very helpful, mahalo! I now have some decisions to make LOL AlohaRead More...
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Tried adding A1 and B1 for extra bass

Got thinking -- what could I do with an extra A1 and pair of B1's? How 'bout adding more bass to the S1 Pro? It worked as far blinking lights, but the B1s had very little volume. I don't recommend it this combination. :( - JimRead More...
For my use, the S1 Pro seems to have plenty of bass but I'm seeing others adding subs or wishing for a Bose bass option compatible with the S1 Pro. As discussed here, when using a mixer prior to the S1, you set the ToneMatch OFF, Reverb OFF BASS & TREBLE at 12:00 (essentially off), and Volume at 10:00. I'm wondering, if you turned the bass up on whichever input channel you have the mix on, would that give sufficient bass? I know that when I bluetooth music to the S!, the bass is booming.Read More...
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Location of sub

I am new here and tried to search this subject but came up with nothing. I have a L1 Compact Model 1 S and a single B2 bass. I use it solely in my home studio for guitar and vocals. I would like some input on sub location. Are these subs like the sound bar subs for your tv which can buried anywhere or do they need to be specifically located. If it means anything, my studio is well treated.Read More...
Hi Malapp1, Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community. It's easy to say that low frequencies are omni-directional so the position of a low frequency loudspeaker doesn't matter. However, that ignores the geometry of the room and boundary effects. We have an article that you should find interesting. B1 Bass Module/Positioning STRead More...
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Intermittent Problems with PS1 Power Stand

We have two LI Model 1 systems that we purchased ten years ago for a small acapella chorus. One of the power stands is working intermittently. If we let it warm up for 15-20 minutes it works OK but we haven't tested it through an hour-long performance. I contacted BOSE and was told that the newer power stands will not accept the L1 Cylindrical Radiator Speakers that fit into our current base. Do I have any other option other than replacing both the power stand and the speakers?Read More...
Hi Patty, Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. Welcome. The L1 systems (L1 Model I, L1 Model II, and L1 Model 1S) are integrated systems and the individual components, although similar in appearance are not interchangeable. I'm sorry, the Cylindrical Radiator® from the L1 Model I will not work with any other model. The other models are always sold as complete units (for compatibility). STRead More...
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T8S Mute Button Issue

Has anyone had issues with stuck buttons on their Bose mixer? I suspect I experienced a heat-induced problem, but I can’t be sure. We played an outdoor winery gig last Friday and were in direct sunlight for set-up, sound check and first set. The outdoor temperature was in the low 80s F. I typically mute all channels after sound check and between sets, and then unmute when it’s show time. One of the 8 channels failed to work when unmuted. The guitar signal was lighting up the channel...Read More...
ST, Thanks, I did call support. All we did was perform a factory reset. I'm a bit skeptical that this fixed it, but we'll see. Like you and anyone else who is playing out, these temporary/intermittent issues make me really nervous. Apparently, no one else has encountered this particular problem. Fingers crossed that the fix was this simple. Thanks again. Tom BRead More...
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T1 Tonematch Output

I am recording from the T1 output channel to a Zoom H2N. The output levels from the output channel are very hot. How can I adjust the gain out on the output channel. Thanks, Edit Subject: Previously "Tonmatch Output" Bose Pro Community AdminRead More...
Hi tahoejg, Check out this article on how to use the Aux output. You can lower the levels on the individual channels. T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Aux Output --∈∞ΘΞ Please click the picture for more details ΞΘ∞∋-- STRead More...
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Noise tail ?

Overall, I love the S1 Pro as I am putting it through the paces. One thing I do notice is regardless of settings or placement, there is a slight "noise trail" at the end of audio, like some sort of compression or gate is releasing. Is the auto adjusting eq or some sort of internal processing set so that is slowly releases the signal ? I've tried all inputs and it seems consistent. Thanks for any feedback or input.Read More...
It's not reverb, that's zeroed out. I notice it on direct connection of a Taylor 214CE, and also Line6 HX Stomp (clean tones), and also on direct mic connections, (regardless of settings or any tonematch options). I'm running the system at about 11 o'clock ? I've experimented with various gain stages to see if it makes a difference, but it doesn't seem to ? Given the time, I'll try to capture a video snippet of it. Again I qualify that it's not overwhelming, but I'm a 35-year semi pro audio...Read More...
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Ouput 1 and 2 miswired or misprogrammed

I just purchased a T4S from Sweetwater Sound to use with a L1 M2 and B2. I wanted to use Aux Out 1 and 2 to send signal to a Zoom H6 mixer. When I tried to set up channel 1's level in Aux 1 Output nothing happened. I just happened to have Out 2 also plugged in to the Zoom and when I increased the signal to Aux 1 Output in the program, the cable from Out 2 had a signal. The reverse happened when I started to work with Aux 2 Output, the channel on the zoom coming from the Out labeled 1 had...Read More...
Hi Dr. G-string, Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. Welcome. Please update the firmware and this will resolve the problem. T4S/T8S Firmware Update Instructions Thanks, STRead More...
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noise floor

I have a T8s with the following problem: footage attached shows T8s with strong noise floor output when no input is present. The hiss only appears when pan is full left, when full right there's no sound. What should I do in order to fix this? I've just updated the T8s with latest firmware, non result. I have also discovered another T4s unit has the same issue, but when I pan right I have this noise and with pan left there's nothing.Read More...
Yes, probably connected units onto different channels: T4s on the 'power' channel, didn't keep evidence which channel connected on T8s. I'm aware of what I've done, this was only to demonstrate the effect. For recordings, imagine you have channels playing very low or not playing from time to time, where signal is absent. In this case, signal/noise becomes very low. i'll try to get user into this topic, thank you so far!Read More...
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