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Gig report. Adding an S1 for a monitor?

Hello everyone! The L1M2B2T1 had it's first real gig yesterday. It didn't do an amazing job, but the room was massive. Basically an airport hanger with brewery in it. Up close it was super clear, but it just didn't have the headroom (before feedback) to carry to the back (A set of F1 systems would probably have been the answer so I can't be mad at the stick). We had huge issues with feedback, the worst yet TBH. I had the tower on stage angled at about 45 degrees 12-15' behind the singer. The...Read More...
Apparently I can't edit any more. I wanted to say I have the mix of guitar and vocals sounding beautiful in the L1. Aux out 50% on both channels into the S1. The guitar sounds loud and full, but the vocals are very muffled and quiet.Read More...
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Matching S1 settings on a T4S

Forum: Solo Acts
I really like the sound when plugged direct to S1 Pro. I use vocal mic in channel 1 with reverb, treble and bass ALL at 12 o’clock with the mic Tonematch setting. Guitar in channel 2 with the reverb, treble and bass ALL at 12 o’clock with the guitar Tonematch setting. This is good for solo gigs. When I play out as duo I have a T4S mixer to get more inputs. How can a set the T4S to match the same sound that I am getting from the S1?Read More...
Hi, DKMUSIC. Setting the reverb for live sound is an exercise of doing it by ear. I wouldn't use the same reverb setting in every situation. Generally speaking, the larger the room, the less reverb I would use. However, there are lots of factors to consider when using reverb. Reverb usually lowers intelligibility. Intelligibility is important for spoken word, less so for lyrics, and even less important for background instrumentals. I would use different settings for reverb depending on how...Read More...
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L1 model 2 bass not working properly

hello everyone in my recent use of my L 2 I have noticed the the bass response has disimproved very noticeably should say it’s for vocals and acoustic guitar using an octave pedal with my guitar for a bit of low end bass. at first I thought maybe I was imagining it......done all the usual checks of leads etc its at the same venue every week so it’s not different room acccoustics etc there is some bass but not a lot, certainly not the way it had been all along. the best I can describe it is...Read More...
Hi, Vincent. Set the Aux Level to 50% and the Tap point to Post. You may need to edge up the level a little bit to compensate for the reverb. STRead More...
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S1 Pro battery draining when not in use

If your S1 Pro battery is draining when the S1 Pro is not in use (and the power switch is in the standby position ⏻ and not connected to AC power, please read the latest update S1 Pro battery draining when not in use Thank you, Bose Pro Community Admin The original message follows below. I have two S1 Pro speakers. Same age, both pretty much new. The latest one I purchased with only a few hours of use has a battery that slowly dies over the course of a week or two when not in use. The other...Read More...
Thanks _Roger.
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T1 and pre amp on channels 1-3, my new hook up

Big Rick
This is a new unit for me with a bose compact and a T1. I want to use Tonematch on channel 1 with a Sm58 and pre amp to my Boss RC-30 to the mic feed. My guitar thru my Amplifi TT into channel two with acoustic and then again pre amp to the Rc-30. I know I can still take my main output on the T1 to channel two on compact unit. I also use a double 1/4 to RCA's from RC -30 looper and bring that in on channel two also. I want the T1 to feed those wonderful sounds direct to looper. I was...Read More...
Hi Big Rick, The T1 Preamp Outputs are post-trim only. That means there's no T1 processing at the Preamp Outputs. (No ToneMatch Preset, zEQ, ParaEQ, Effects or Reverb). If you are using any of the T1 processing - then the looped versions of your voice and guitar will sound different in the loops than the direct sound from the T1 Master Output to the L1 Compact. I don't have an RC30 (nice unit) anymore, but when I did, I sent the T1 output (the full mix) to the RC30 and the output of the RC30...Read More...
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Tonematch useful for my uses?

Hey together i‘m soon a proud owner of two L1 S1 B2. my question is how useful it is to get a Tonematch 4 for my setup. I use aS4 MK3 of native instruments and a low budget mic connected to one of the channels. is it just nice to have or highly recommend?Read More...
Hi, Wolkenfeuer. Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community. Congratulations! Thank you for the link to the S4 MK3. Since you can connect the microphone directly to the S4 MK3, you don't really need a (T4S) mixer. The T4S would still be nice to have and recommended if you are doing Karaoke. The T4S has ToneMatch Presets, zEQ, ParaEQ, Comp/Gate, and effects and reverb that can get great sound for a singer. The T4S also has ToneMatch Presets for DJ work, and a Master EQ that can help you to get...Read More...
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Good enough for live music

I can't remember when or where I first heard the phrase "It's good enough for live music" but I've heard it a lot over the years. Sometimes it was said in celebration, "Yay, we've gotten things sounding good enough to play for an audience." Sometimes it was said in resignation, "It's not great, it's not good, but it's good enough." Sometimes, said after a song, set, or gig, it meant, "That was rough, but hey, we're not cutting an album here." Interestingly, when said on a Bose stage it was...Read More...
I'm thinking "Close enough for Jazz" is "overkill for country". Merle Haggard being an exception. I'm reminded of a friend, whose guitar playing I admire greatly, who will play jazz chords over a melody while I am singing. It sounds great, except when it doesn't, then it's just another wrong chord. Rob Wright said, " ...... play the same songs every night you learn just how much the audience brings to every performance. I have had nights when I know I played my very best and got only a warm...Read More...
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Battery not lasting as long as my last s1 pro

Hello I purchased a new S1 pro to replace one which wasn't repairable at the Bose Belgium centre The new one I charged yesterday for over 6 hours on the middle switch position I did a gig tonight for 2-3 hours and the red light was on ? My old unit would last over 8 hours on one charge Any idea what's going on ? SteveRead More...
Hi Steve, Update your firmware to the latest version and see if that fixes the problem! Cheers, Dr. BRead More...
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Presonus RM32AI recording/mixer to two L1 Model 1S

Hi, thanks for this. I have a Bose Model 1S (actually 2 of them as I borrow a friends unit when playing a gig). I use mine in my studio but the 2nd I have access to for playing out. I have a Presonus RM32AI recording/mixer solution that I currently use for the mixer (all on the computer/laptop/ipad). The RM32AI box has a variety of output options that I can use for these two Bose units and I'm curious what you might recommend. Here's a link to the box.Read More...
Hi, rowansamuel. Yes, it sounds as though we are of like minds. Unless there is a compelling reasons not to, I set up two L1 systems behind the musicians like this: Imaginary line up the middle creating two zones of musicians Put each L1 centered, behind a zone Adjust a little either way as required If the musicians spread out across 30 feet then the middle line is at 15 feet. Each zone is 15 feet wide and each L1 is 7.5 feet from each side. The L1s are 15 feet apart. If the musicians spread...Read More...
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T4S - Logic Pro X

Hi Guy's. Does anyone know how to get Logic Pro X to recognise and record two or more channels at once? I have connected to the T4S Ch1 = Mic, Ch2 = Guitar. Connected the T4S to the apple through USB. Pro LX recognised this and records but both CH 1 and 2 are recording to the same track. I have changed the track inputs so one is 1 and the other is 2 but still combines both channels on the one track. Please help?Read More...
Awesome...thanks!
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SoundTouch® Wireless Link adapter

Any active speaker of any make can accept a signal from this device via Aux out. The MAA2-AW from Appaudio streams audio from line level audio sources to smart phones and tablets over Wi-Fi. Does Bose have anything that can do something similar? I'm thinking Bose earphones connected to a smartphone at a live venue for example.Read More...
Hi, Uncle John, Thanks for coming back to tell us you found a solution for your requirements. Cheers, STRead More...
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F1 plus bass unit

I am using two L1 Model 1s with a B2 bass and two B1 Bass unit. I also have an S1 for rehearsal. I have mentioned that I intend to ad two F1 812s for larger venues. Would I be making a mistake not adding the F1 bass modules as well? I usually perform with my jazz band, three horns, upright bass, banjo, vocal and drums so we don't have a ton of bottom. However, I am about to start using a Ketron SD90 sequencer arranger which affords the ability to play all kinds of music with a lot more...Read More...
Thanks. That's about what I thought. I am expecting to get a lot of interest in the Ketron Act so I'm going all in. I'd rather go overkill than underkill! When I rehearse using the S1 the Ketron can sometimes be too much for it when I get carried away. So if I ever get to crank it up I'm sure I will be glad I have the horsepower. And usually, having the bigger speakers seems to help at the lower volume as much as the higher volume. Some base principle my recording engineer likes to talk...Read More...
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What is the Bluetooth Feature on the S1 used for

What is the Bluetooth feature and it suggest I download the Bose app but which one.Read More...
Hi, Storm. Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community. The S1 Pro can play content over Bluetooth from a device like a phone or a tablet. The Bose Connect app provides more functionality, like being able to stream Bluetooth content to two S1 Pro systems. Please follow the link below for more information. S1 Pro and the Bose Connect App Thanks, STRead More...
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2 - L1's for 360 Degree Audio?

Hi there everyone! I'm totally new here and have only been able to play with the L1's a handful of times. I'm reaching out here to see if anyone out there has ever tried putting 2 - L1s back to back to give "360 degree" coverage? A bit of background: I'm exploring some options with my local church about some options for us to try out. We currently meet "in the round" or more realistically in a "U" configuration with the musicians at the open end of the U. We more or less use a traditional...Read More...
Hi ST. Thanks for the response. I figured this wouldn't be very common but thought I would at least reach out to see if anyone had done this before. If you happen to dig up something about this be sure to send it my way. I've searched through these pages a lot and haven't found anything. In our case it wouldn't. If you think of our seating as a circle formation that fills a rectangular shape room, the band takes up about a 1/5th of the pie right now, which is actually way more space than...Read More...
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