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L1 compacts vs F1 812 - for gymnasium

Hi. Need some help on setting up sound for dancers in a gym. For the last 9 years, I have used 2 L1 compacts with no subwoofer and no mixer. Sound comes from an iPad, through the first L1. The 2 speakers are placed 20 feet apart, facing the dancers and facing away from the audience who are in bleachers. The 2nd L1 compact has a 2nd iPod that plays music in between performances, at a lower level and only from that speaker. What I've experienced is distortion on the 2nd speaker when I play...Read More...
Hi Apple, Let's level out the volume levels for the music from the iPad and iPod. These are all one-time steps. Press the channel 2 CHEDIT button Turn the Rotary Selector to COMP/GATE Under the display, turn the Type button so you can see the menu Select Limiter Set the Thresh to -10.0dB Leave Gain at 0.0db Press the channel 3 CHEDIT button Under the display, turn the Type button so you can see the menu Select Limiter Set the Thresh to -10.0dB Leave Gain at 0.0db If you need more aggressive...Read More...
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Setting up 2 L1 to a Behringer mixer

How do I connect two L1's to a Behringer mixer without getting a buzzing sound?Read More...
Hi Nanam410, Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community. From your question I'll assume you have tried connecting two L1 systems to a Behringer mixer and you have an issue with a buzzing sound. Please tell us: What model(s) of L1 you have Give us a link to the owner's guide for your Behringer mixer What signal sources (mics, instruments, other devices) you have for the Behringer mixer How you are connecting the signal sources (cables you are using) We have a couple of articles that may be...Read More...
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Considering T4S/T8S Stereo Options

Hi there ! Not been on the Bose forum for quite some time but I have just noticed there are some new Tonematch mixers. i have a blues acoustic duo, and we bought one Bose L1mkII, two B1 bass modules, and each use a T1 Tonematch mixer, about 8yrs ago - and love using them. In some pub gigs, with a small PA system already set up, and no room to set up the L1 additionally, we have often used just our Tonematch mixers with the in-house PA and still got great results. Our Tonematch mixers are...Read More...
Hi Marker82, Wow, that sounds a complicated set-up “on paper” ! I haven’t been using my Bose gear so much in the last couple of years as most of gigs are festival gigs with in-house big PA systems, sound guys etc, so everything been done for me. So, I’ll try my best to help but bare in mind I may suggest something that might not work, but I’ll try & go from 1st principals. 1. You’ve got 4 outputs - two for the L1’s and two for the F1 812’s. I don’t think it matters which speakers you use...Read More...
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S1 Pro battery draining when not in use

If your S1 Pro battery is draining when the S1 Pro is not in use (turned off) and not connected to AC power, please read the latest update S1 Pro battery draining when not in use Thank you, Bose Pro Community Admin The original message follows below. I have two S1 Pro speakers. Same age, both pretty much new. The latest one i purchased with only a few hours of use has a battery that slowly dies over the course of a week or two when not in use. The other S1 Pro battery lasts as it should. Any...Read More...
FYI: It took 3.5 to 4 hours.
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R1 Remote not working

I have posted this problem before. My R1 remote module just randomly stops responding in the middle of my gigs and I have to adjust levels at the base if any are necessary after the R1 stops working. The thirty seconds off to reset doesn't fix it. A random amount of time off and it miraculously starts working again for an indeterminate amount of time. I have been struggling with it for about a year now. I am finally fed up and have ordered both a new remote and cable. What is the likelihood...Read More...
Thanks a lot .. the original bose remote cable was faulty or over time got bad, because it used to work fine... After reading the forums i thought i will first try swapping the cables (20$ on amazon ) and it came back to life .. i was contemplating on ordering the new remote and spent $$$ without reason .. looks like the 7 pin cable is not very reliable ..Read More...
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T8 noise on outputs

We bought two T8 mixers and we have been using one of them at numerous gigs so far and we like it a lot. Both have the same symptoms I will describe. Did anyone notice that the main outputs either XLR or 1/4 has a lot of white static noise on those lines? Set it up link this: With the T8 master volume all the way down, all channels muted and the output of the T8 plugged into an external amp or powered speaker, no matter what type (tried on th S1, L1, and several others with same results),...Read More...
Hi obsidian, It's a best practice to optimize the signal to noise at each step starting at the source and working toward the loudspeaker. For example: Get the strongest signal possible at the microphone Good microphone technique to ensure the microphone picks up the singer more than background noise Proper polar pattern for the microphone for the application to pick up the singer and avoid unwanted sounds in the background Adjust input trim to get maximum consisted signal without distortion...Read More...
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Wheels on a B2

Has anyone had any luck at attaching wheels to a B2? Love the sound but my back is killing me! JohnRead More...
Closing this discussion so we can consolidate the suggestions in one place. Please see: B2 - should I install castors (wheels)? Thank you. Bose Pro Community AdminRead More...
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B2 - should I install castors (wheels)?

Hi guys Just a thought, would it be ethical to install castors on the backside of my B2? Has anybody actually done this? I'm not entirely sure I want to be drilling and screwing into a £500 quid cab but I was wondering if it has ever been done before. There is a company here in the UK which builds flight cases for all the Bose gear but the B2 case retails at the same price as the cab itself and then there is the extra size to consider, a B2 in a flight case is a heck of a lump! Just curious...Read More...
For what it's worth... I use a Rock n Roller trolly to carry my systems The R12 model is great when it is in it's condensed shape for a single L1 column set+B2+Powerstand+ kit box containing mic, receiver, T4S, cables and bits. However, the R12 extends for when I carry double setup i.e. the above x 2. Its wheels are a good size for carrying over rough ground too. I have also screwed Rubber doorstops to the bottom of my B2's to stop them wandering when I play at higher levels with the cabs...Read More...
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OK Model 1S Versus a Model II, both with 1 B2

Forum: Solo Acts
Bill McGoldrick
What do you folks think, 1S versus Model II? I know it depends on the size of the crowd, I can go from a Coffee House to a Large 200+ person Restaurant and I currently have a Compact with a T1 and it does not cut it for the larger gigs. $1K difference, 12 speakers versus 24. I am thinking if I am making this big step I might as well go all the way to the Model II. What do you folks think?Read More...
I played a L1 1S in a brewery. Huge building, about half of it was tables, bar and patrons. The rest brewery and wide open, only a small office behind me. I told the lady who hired me I will never fill this room with sound. Her reply was acoustics carry great in here for some reason. I said ok. Place was packed ,the people part. This lady came and asked me to turn up atleast 3 X per set. and I did. the 1st 3 X. That L1 1S was blowing the hairs on the back of my neck. She still kept coming...Read More...
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L1 II service in Australia

Hi. My beloved L1 II isn't powering up fully (red light) and high speed fan spins from the base unit. I can't get a lead on BOSE service here in NSW, Australia. Please advise, thank you.Read More...
I've been on hold on the phone with them for an hour and still not spoken to a human yet!?!?!?!Read More...
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Halleluia! . . .

I liked that some recent posts were success stories versus problem-solving and solution-searching. This is just another one of those "Halleluia!' posts. The Bose L1 with bass choices came out shortly after I had purchased three 50-pound timealign speakers, 2 of which were hoisted up on telescopeable stands facing the audience, and one facing my 4-piece band for a monitor. This was my best-sounding system ever for 20 years without a single glitch; however, nearing age 70, lifting them was...Read More...
Yep, easy transport, setup, and oh that Bose sound.
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Recording from the T1 via preamp out sockets

Hi, I have had my T1 for several years (not update software) and use it with my compact in A variety of situations. At the moment I am using as PA for three vocals t band practice sessions. I want to do some recording at these and have just bought a Zoom R16 for this. If I want to mix the vocals later I assume it is best to take a able from the preamp out sockets to the R16 (which can record 8 channels simultaneously). What type of cable should I get for these links? TRS or TS? thanks.Read More...
Hi JohnBIOM, Please come back and tell us how that works for you when you get the cables. Thanks, STRead More...
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How close can one stand in front of an L1 Compact without affecting sound to the audience?

How close can one stand in front of an L1 Compact without affecting sound to the audience? Edit Subject: Previously "How Close Is Too Close?" Bose Pro Community AdminRead More...
For those following along, here's the gig report. Experience Using One L1 Compact With 4 SingersRead More...
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Experience Using One L1 Compact With 4 Singers

I have sought and received good advice several times on this board and now want to share my experience. Yesterday, our quartet sang in an L shaped room about 30'x60'. I lined the singers up shoulder to shoulder, each with a hand held microphone into a Yamaha MG12XU feeding channel 2 of the L1 Compact place about 3' directly behind the middle singer. The L1 filled the room with great sound for the audience, plenty of monitor for the singers, and the great news, no problem whatsoever with...Read More...
Jdycus, great story.... I'll be using a compact with T1 mixer for a gig tomorrow, I own and have owned lots of systems, Bose, EV, Yamaha, etc... In my opinion the Bose Compact is still one of the finest systems made. It's portability, coverage, and superb sound quality is tough to beat...Read More...
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