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T1 blank blue screen when connected directly to L1 model 2

I get a blank blue screen when connected directly to the L1 model 2. The display works when connected to the optional power cord. This system is new to me. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this since I prefer to connect directly? Btw the firmware is 1.8. Presets 1.0 and Scenes 1.0Read More...
Hi Cary Shumack, At this point we need to figure out if the problem is with the T1 or the L1 Model II Power Stand. Options: Connect your T1 to a different L1 Model II Power Stand Connect a different ToneMatch mixer (T1, T4S, T8S) to your L1 Model II Power Stand Do you have a way to do either of these? (visit a dealer who has a Model II on display?) STRead More...
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L1 model 2 bass not working properly

hello everyone in my recent use of my L 2 I have noticed the the bass response has disimproved very noticeably should say it’s for vocals and acoustic guitar using an octave pedal with my guitar for a bit of low end bass. at first I thought maybe I was imagining it......done all the usual checks of leads etc its at the same venue every week so it’s not different room acccoustics etc there is some bass but not a lot, certainly not the way it had been all along. the best I can describe it is...Read More...
Hi Vincent, It seems unlikely there is something wrong with the B1 or the powerstand. The separate bass subsystem either works, or it doesn't. There isn't a half-way state. Please connect your guitar directly to the L1 Model II Power Stand analog input. Turn it up. Do you hear and feel sound coming from the B1? Play some prerecorded music through each of the T1 inputs, one at a time. Use the ToneMatch Preset Utility/Flat with the zEQ bypassed and ParaEQ bypassed We're checking to see if...Read More...
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Solo artist - Using Backing Tracks and Live Guitar. Trying to decide on Bose L1S or M2 with B1 or B2

My Setup: Bose L1 Compact, Stratocaster into Boss GT100, Professional Grade Backing Tracks on iPad With OneTrack. For the acoustic part of my show I’m using a Breedlove C350cme direct into the T1. Vocal Mic= SM58 I perform everything from Sinatra to 311 to SRV. I have been using this setup for 7 years and have been very happy with my sound except on outdoor gigs or larger venues. Trying to project in an outdoor venue can be difficult with the Compact. It is also difficult to overcome crowd...Read More...
Thanks heaps ST 🙏 very helpful much appreciated 👍
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Tried adding A1 and B1 for extra bass

Got thinking -- what could I do with an extra A1 and pair of B1's? How 'bout adding more bass to the S1 Pro? It worked as far blinking lights, but the B1s had very little volume. I don't recommend it this combination. :( - JimRead More...
Are you using a mixer? If so, try placing the crossover in the line out from the mixer at 125hz with the low output going to the Packlite/B1, and the high output running the highs and mids to the S1.Read More...
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T8S Analog vs Digital Connection to L1 Model 1S and Model II

Some people have expressed concern because the T8S ToneMatch mixer does not have ToneMatch (digital) connections to L1 Model 1S and L1 Model II. I've taken the time to test this carefully. To my ears, there is no audible difference between the digital and the analog connections. The background and some notes about how I tested follow below. The best way I know to detect differences in sound is to do an A/B switch back and forth instantly. Even a few seconds between listening events can lead...Read More...
.Hi Freshwuzhere, Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community. FOR Firmware UPDATES ONLY (T8S to L1 Model II Power Stand) You can use a ToneMatch cable (or ethernet Cat-5 or Cat-6) to connect to a L1 Model II or L1 Model 1S Power Stand. Do NOT do this at a gig. It may pass audio for awhile, but the connection for audio is not stable and will cut out. This digital connection is fine in the unlikely event you need to check or update the firmware on your L1 Model II or L1 Model 1S power stand.Read More...
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New L1® power stand v1.3 Released Featured

Version 1.3 fixes a rare issue with the power stand firmware update process. On earlier versions the power stand could be affected by two failed 'L1 model II Firmware' updates in a row. We recommend upgrading from 'L1 model II Firmware' version 1.0. Click here to download the new L1® power stand v.1.3 firmware. This firmware will also be available on the Musicians site at in the weeks to come. The latest firmware is available here: L1 Model II Firmware UpdatesRead More...
Hi Elmer, The latest customer updateable version is 1.4. You can get it here. L1® Model II Power Stand Firmware Updates STRead More...
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noise floor

I have a T8s with the following problem: footage attached shows T8s with strong noise floor output when no input is present. The hiss only appears when pan is full left, when full right there's no sound. What should I do in order to fix this? I've just updated the T8s with latest firmware, non result. I have also discovered another T4s unit has the same issue, but when I pan right I have this noise and with pan left there's nothing.Read More...
Hi FGe, Thanks for the added information. I've been able to replicate the noise you hear in the video, but I don't think this is a flaw with the T8S, T4S, or the L1. Let me explain. In live sound systems (and recording systems), one of the primary considerations is the signal to noise ratio. That is: what we want to hear compared to we don't want to hear. Every system has some self-noise, but for practical purposes we deem that noise to be tolerable if it doesn't intrude on our ability to...Read More...
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L1 Model 2 Red light, sound pause

The Unit when turned on displays a blue power light. which I believe is normal. When turning to medium / high volume, I will get a red pause indication and the music will pause. What's going on . Is this a major defect? Edit Subject: Previously "L1 Model 2" Bose Pro Community AdminRead More...
Thank you for that Firmware update would not solve my problem.Read More...
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Difference in capacity from Two Bose L1 model 1S vs One L1 Model 2?

What are your thoughts? Is there a significant difference in capacity from Two Bose L1 model 1S vs one L1 Model 2? I am a club and mobile DJ who currently uses... 1) Two Mackie DLM-8's (very compact, manufacturer claims 2000Watts peak 1000 Watts RMS, 126dB at max volume) 2) One Mackie 12s sub woofer (Large and heavy) 3) Two DJ stands 4) A mess of wires and cables Audience size under 350, small to medium sized rooms varying floor types, wood, concrete, sometimes outdoors Music type varies,...Read More...
Hi BigIsland, Sorry I missed your post. Here are links to the technical data sheets F1 Model 812 with F1 Subwoofer L1 Model II with B2 About the same, although you'll want a cart if you get the F1 systems because the F1 Subwoofers weigh about 55 pounds vs. B2s that weigh 40 pounds. L1: about 180 degrees and this is helpful because for small gigs you can use just one L1 with B2 to cover the audience. F1: about 100 degrees, but that's not a problem because you'll always set them up in pairs -...Read More...
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T8s And DJ Controller Hookup

Hello BoseWorld, just received my T8s and would like some info on how to get the best of the mixer in my application. I am a mobile dj using primarily Pioneer DDJSZ as my main rig. Over the years I have performed at events where several mics were required and in some cases performers have asked to hook up their equipment [Guitar, Sax] to my mixer. So, the need for the T8. I’ve received conflicting information from BOSE pro support so here I am. *** I would like to hook up the DDJ to the T8...Read More...
Hi Jablon, Yes. You've got it. ST
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Problem with L1 Tower connection

Looking for guidance on repairing my LI - the tower doesn't fully work when connected unless I lean the whole unit back with a wedge. Must be a loose connection in one of the tower pieces or the base unit. Would something like WD-40 sprayed help, or is this a factory repair? Thanks!Read More...
Hi Calvin, Please see my response to your question here: L1 Model 2 Red light, sound pause Thanks, STRead More...
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I want L1_PSII_Firmware_v1.1

I user bass B1 . I'want Downgrade T1 and power standRead More...
Hi Eon, L1 Model II Firmware version 1.1 is obsolete and not longer available.Even if you can find a copy of version 1.1, you should NOT install it. The latest customer updateable version is 1.4. You can get it here. L1® Model II Power Stand Firmware Updates Note: Version 1.4 fully supports the B1 as well as the B2. STRead More...
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S1 with behringer b1200d

Hi I just bought my S1 pro and thinking of buying a b1200d for bass. Usecase: Really new dj who likes playing for a crowd <50. I want to use 1 s1 pro and 1 subwoofer. How do i connect them each other and use my computer and dj set (ddjrb-400). I want to know if I have to buy a crossover or if I can just connect each other. Thank you!Read More...
Hi audionoob, Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community. Welcome. Please see this discussion. S1 Pro with Mixer and Behringer B1200D Pro Subwoofer You can run the controller to the Behringer and connect the Behringer to the S1 Pro. If you have questions, please reply in the discussion linked above. Also, please check out these other discussions about the Behringer B1200D Thanks, STRead More...
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500 person outdoor event

I'm running 2-F1 tops and 2-F1 bottoms wondering if this is acceptable horse power for this gig? Does anyone know what the typical max is for 1 set up before needing more? Will be running 5 piece band.Read More...
I have four F1 stacks and I would rate them of handling 500-600 person crowd. I like having headroom. BTW this rating is for an outdoor venues. I think for two stacks it would depend how much stage volume the band has. The less eaten up by the stage the more you have upfront. I have done several live sound/band shows indoors with two stacks and felt there was enough headroom for a 300 person crowd. On a side note I think just like with any power amp the F1s system may be capable of more...Read More...
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Mixing L1 / F1

Hello, my band is just gearing up and we are using my L1 Model II with (2) B1 bass modules and a T1 to handle my vocals and acoustic guitar during practice. I also have a F1 stack, but only one side (collecting dust). I love the way the L1 sounds, and how easy it is to set up/take down. The F1 stack is fine too, but I need to figure out my next move. My question is, is there any way to have both systems play nicely together? In other words, can I use what I have and add one more piece of the...Read More...
The 300+ gig was a singer/acoustic guitar, cahon and bass (Eden Metro) and as I said, a very respectful, quiet audience -- although they did often sing along. We had Congas (1 mic), 2 acoustic guitars plugged in, 3 vocal mics and bass direct into a 16 channel Yamaha board that night. Hawai'ian Style Slack Key and Classic Rock. I've also filled that bar using a JBL EON ONE and 2 Bose S1 Pros...QSC Touchmix 16 mixer.Read More...
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